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ZLM Client charged with 2 counts of Felonious Assault that each contained one-year, three-year, and five-year firearm specifications, 2 counts of Improperly Handling Firearms in a Motor Vehicle, 1 Count of Discharge of Firearm on or Near Prohibited Premises, 1 Count of Having Weapons While Under Disability, 1 Count of Criminal Damaging, 1 Count of Drug Possession, and 1 Count of Possessing Criminal Tools. Following a jury trial, Client found NOT GUILTY of all counts, with the exception of Drug Possession and Possessing Criminal Tools. ZLM attorneys successfully appealed the convictions on these two counts, resulting in the Court of Appeals VACATING these convictions. In addition to obtaining an acquittal of the above charges and a reversal of the defendant’s convictions on the remaining charges, ZLM also obtained a court order requiring the police to return the $7,000.00 in cash that the seized during their search the Client’s home.


Whether you are interested in filing an Appeal, a Motion for Judicial (Early) Release, or any other post-conviction remedy, the attorneys at Zukerman, Lear & Murray Co., L.P.A. are experienced, knowledgeable and prepared to handle the specifics of your case. All too often, judges and/or juries simply make the wrong decision. If there was an error that occurred during a trial, the attorneys at Zukerman, Lear & Murray Co., L.P.A. are prepared to find that error and raise it on Appeal, to ensure that nobody’s freedom is taken without due process of law.

Furthermore, Zukerman, Lear & Murray Co., L.P.A. is not only in the business of preserving freedom, but also, securing someone’s freedom who is incarcerated. The attorneys at Zukerman, Lear & Murray Co., L.P.A. believe that Ohio’s laws were designed to encourage rehabilitation and not to keep someone in jail/prison who does not need to be there. The attorneys at Zukerman, Lear & Murray Co., L.P.A. regularly file Motions for their clients for Judicial (Early) Release from Jail and/or prison. Filing a well-argued and persuasive Motion, however, is only the first step in the early release process. A court will typically hold a hearing on the Motion and take evidence, such as witness testimony and/or documentary evidence.


If someone you know is incarcerated and interested in Appealing an adverse ruling or decision in their case, filing a Motion for Judicial Release, or filing any other post-conviction remedy, contact the attorneys of Zukerman, Lear & Murray Co., L.P.A. today.

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