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From the day our firm opened in 1993, we began building a reputation for a relentless pursuit of justice, the determination to never give up, and, to always believe there is a smarter, more creative way to try a case. In fact, we’re the people who get called onto cases that are too contentious for other attorneys.

We are a professional, Cleveland-area criminal defense firm who will never undersell you, who are willing to lose sleep over your case and will leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of your freedom. We are Zukerman, Lear & Murray Co., L.P.A.

Our Successes

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Though client's Blood Alcohol reading was .132, obtained reduction from Operating a Vehicle Impaired (OVI) to Reckless Operation.

ZLM Attorneys got two counts of Operating A Vehicle Under The Influence reduced a single minor misdemeanor charge of Reckless Operation. Client Sentenced to $75 fine + court costs and the Judge terminated the client’s license suspension.

OVI charge with an alleged .195 high tier reading, reduced to a charge of 'Physical Control'

Violent Crimes
College Admin. & Title IX
Drug Possession/Trafficking
Divorce & Family Law

Through DNA, polygraph and investigation proved alleged murderer was innocent.

ZLM successfully defends Client charged with Ethnic Intimidation and Menacing as Client found NOT GUILTY of both charges following jury trial.

ZLM Client charged with Domestic Violence for allegedly assaulting and threatening his wife with whom Client was going through a divorce. ZLM Client found NOT GUILTY following a Bench Trial.

Though client's Blood Alcohol reading was .132, obtained reduction from Operating a Vehicle Impaired (OVI) to Reckless Operation.

ZLM Attorneys got two counts of Operating A Vehicle Under The Influence reduced a single minor misdemeanor charge of Reckless Operation. Client Sentenced to $75 fine + court costs and the Judge terminated the client’s license suspension.

OVI charge with an alleged .195 high tier reading, reduced to a charge of 'Physical Control'

Client, medical student at prestigious mid-western university, was falsely accused of non-consensual sexual activity by a fellow student. After a fundamentally unfair Panel Hearing before The University’s Title IX Hearing Board, the University found Client to be “Responsible” for violating the University’s Student Code of Conduct for “Sexual Penetration without Consent”. As a sanction for the alleged violation, the Client was permanently expelled from the University. As a result of ZLM’s thorough analysis and persuasive briefing, the Client’s appeal of the University’s sanction was ultimately successful. The University reversed its previous decision to permanently expel the Client, and instead, imposed a far-lesser sanction of “Exclusion”, which permitted the Client to subsequently continue his education at the University.

ZLM represented client throughout student conduct hearing at a prominent mid-west university concerning an allegation that client pulled fire alarms when there was not a fire, in violation of the Code of Student Conduct. Client was also charged criminally with felony offenses. Based on ZLM’s guidance and representation, client successfully convinced the Miami University Appellate Board to reduce the length of his suspension.

A former pro athlete charged with rape, kidnapping and gross sexual imposition, faced up to 20 years in prison, and label of Tier III sex offender. By exposing false testimony, all charges were dropped.

Got rape case dismissed where alleged victim was seven years old.

Got rape and kidnapping charges reduced to a misdemeanor charge.

Through DNA and polygraph tests, proved that alleged serial rapist was innocent.
Amicably resolved trans-Atlantic divorce with client awarded all marital property and eight years of spousal support and attorney's fees.

Disproved allegations of sexual abuse in a custody case, and even increased client's visitation time with his child.

Through investigation of computers and bank records, proved a client’s spouse had affair and engaged in financial misconduct, achieving a very favorable settlement.

ZLM convinced prosecutor to amend Client’s felony drug possession charge to a misdemeanor offense based on issues raised in a Motion to Suppress evidence that challenged whether the officer had reasonable suspicion to justify the prolonged detention of the client during the traffic stop.

ZLM’s Client charged with several counts of felony drug possession and drug trafficking, facing over a decade in potential prison time, following a traffic stop of a vehicle in which she was the passenger. ZLM successfully negotiated a plea bargain resulting in ZLM Client avoiding prison by entering a plea to a reduced drug possession charge and being sentenced to probation only.

Our Work Speaks for Itself

I Was Facing Life In Prison For A Crime I Did Not Commit

“There was one person that stood next to me during all of that time when no one else would. Larry Zukerman doesn’t lack the courage of his own convictions and he’s not your typical defense lawyer in my opinion. He’s much more than that because he saved my life from dying in prison for a crime I never committed.

- Anonymous Client

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All Felony Charges Dismissed

“My family hired Zukerman to represent me, I had 5 charges ranging from F5 all the way to an F1. His team did extremely well which resulted in dropping all charges. I highly recommend and I know I’ll be going to him for everything here on out.”

- Anonymous Client

Zukerman Does Not Give Up

“I had two cases. One in Cleveland and one in Berea. Zukerman had the charges dropped without a fine after working his magic in one case. The other case included multiple traffic tickets that were worked out to only one minor ticket with a small fine. I would recommend him to anyone with a problem in the Cleveland area. He has years of experience and does not give up. I can only say positive things about him and all who work with him. True professionals and worth every dime. Thanks Larry”

- Anonymous Client

All Charges Dismissed

“Larry was very helpful he exceeded my expectations and was successful in our suppression hearing and all my charges were dismissed I could not be any happier. His staff also was very attentive and quick to respond which was very important to me. I cannot recommend Larry enough I would never go anywhere else.

- Adam (Client)

Choose the Right Attorney When You Face Criminal Charges

“Being very tenacious, Zukerman, was able to prove that what was being presented was not true in its entirety.

Whether your criminal case is complex or simple, a lot can happen in the criminal process to derail your future. I cannot overstate to you the importance of choosing the right attorney to represent you when you face criminal charges. It is the single most important decision of your life you will make, you can trust Zukerman to represent you to the utmost.”

- Anonymous Client

UN-yielding defense and an aggressive offense

“Zukerman has represented me for many years (domestic relations). About every year and a half or so my Ex brings me back to court. They are unstoppable. Not even the ‘big bad bully’ (not saying his name) can intimidate them or get them to back down. They articulate what is actually happening and provide both an UN-yielding defense and an aggressive offense. I would recommend Zukerman to just about anyone for domestic relations.”

- Anonymous Client

Thankful I had Michael Lear to Represent Me

Michael Lear recently represented me regarding two misdemeanor criminal charges that were eventually dismissed. I feel he did everything possible to communicate and negotiate with the prosecutor and court for them to realize the true facts in my case, resulting in the dismissal. We communicated very well during the proceedings, and he was always up front with advice and letting me know how things were progressing. Very sharp, intelligent attorney that I would not hesitate to retain in the future if needed.
- David

Larry saved my life, I cannot thank him and his team enough for that.

1I’d find it hard to believe someone being more thorough, diligent, and caring than Larry Zukerman in any field of any profession. His knowledge and expertise is exceptional, but what makes Larry stand out is his relentless pursuit of defending his client. He left no stone unturned and was tactful in his preparation and strategy. It was the most brutally painful 6 months of my life. Thankfully, I had Zukerman on my side. They were there for me and my family throughout all of it. As cliche as it may sound, Larry saved my life, I cannot thank him and his team enough for that. He is exceptional as a lawyer and as a general resource.

- Thankful Client

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Your way of life and your future hangs in the balance, the attorneys at Zukerman are here to defend your freedom. Do not hesitate to contact us, we treat every matter seriously. Please fill out the form below and we will respond to your message as soon as possible.

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