Zukerman Daiker & Lear Co. LPA

If you’ve violated probation, you need damage control.

Because judges view probation as a bond of trust between the court and the defendant, the penalty for breaking that bond can be harsh. When a probation officer or prosecutor elects to make a complaint, penalties can include prison, county detention, community service, longer probation terms, increased levels of supervision, monitored sobriety, alcohol or drug therapy, and increased fines and court fees.

The Zukerman law firm is particularly skilled at constructing a compelling defense argument which convincingly demonstrates a client’s willingness to lead a productive life. When necessary, we are often able to bridge the gap between our clients and their probation officers, while clarifying what is required of a client so that they can come back into compliance.

In any case, without proper representation, a court may rush to judgment based solely upon the complaint of your probation officer or another party. Your well-prepared Zukerman attorney may be able to make a judge aware that the claim is false or that there are extenuating circumstances. We will prepare a full presentation on your behalf, taking all reasonable steps to set a court date.