Zukerman Daiker & Lear Co. LPA

The technology is new, but your rights were established long ago. Zukerman knows how to fight cyber charges.

Because computer technology is both relatively new and changing every day, the legal parameters of cyber crimes continue to be in flux. But what never changes are the constitutional rights and civil rights guaranteed to you: the right to privacy, the right to be free of unreasonable search and seizure, and the right to private property. In their investigations of cyber crimes, federal and state law enforcement officials often violate these rights, going so far as to entrap or harass citizens.

If you are under investigation for a computer crime or have had charges filed against you, the attorneys at Zukerman will tenaciously protect your rights, and fight to achieve the most favorable outcome possible at every stage of your case. Using private investigators and computer experts, we will devise an effective defense strategy to help you avoid a conviction, as well as the adverse consequences that would follow.

We also work with judges and prosecutors for alternative sentencing where possible. We may even be able to intervene on your behalf with a pre-filing intervention which could result in reduced criminal charges or, in some cases, charges being dropped altogether.

Technology Crimes, or Cyber Crimes, include:

  • Internet fraud & computer fraud, including e-mail campaigns to acquire bank information
  • Credit card fraud & identity theft, phishing, pharming, and DNS hijacking
  • Internet gambling
  • Sale of counterfeit goods over the Internet, including piracy of software, computer games, video games & music
  • Internet viruses
  • Hacking and computer sabotage
  • Invasion of privacy by planting crimeware & spyware