Zukerman Daiker & Lear Co. LPA

We’ll do all we can to clear your good name.

It’s an unfortunate fact that individuals charged with sexual assault or virtually any sex-related offense face hostile prosecutors and harsh public opinion. In these cases, even criminal defense attorneys can forget that every American is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

At Zukerman we believe that an individual’s right to an effective defense, regardless of the nature of the crime, is one of the self-evident truths described as an inalienable right in the Declaration of Independence. Make no mistake, being convicted of a sex offense can dramatically affect the rest of your life. Even if you’re not convicted, simply the investigation and arrest can damage your career and reputation. 

That’s why pleading guilty to a sex crime is rarely acceptable. It is imperative that you hire an experienced attorney to protect your rights, and as early as possible -- ideally, before charges are even brought. Even if you have already been convicted, relief may be available via appeal or a writ of habeas corpus.

You need more than an attorney experienced in sex offenses. You need a champion for your rights, a defender of your dignity, a professional counsel who works with you as the innocent person you are.