Zukerman Daiker & Lear Co. LPA

Reducing your bonds, increasing your confidence.

Although presumed innocent, a person may be placed in jail with a very high bond solely on the basis of an allegation. Whatever the eventual legal outcome of their case, the time they spend locked away from family and friends is a traumatic period.

Zukerman attorneys will file motions which can result in the bond being reduced. By getting to know our clients we are better equipped to argue on their behalf, which enhances our ability to persuade the court that a bond of low amount or a personal bond (signature only) is sufficient.

In addition, when the court sees that an individual is represented by a Zukerman attorney, they realize that the person is serious about defending themselves and their liberties, and that it’s very likely they will appear for their court dates – thus increasing the chance for a bond reduction.

We should also point out that when a Zukerman attorney is hired to assist in bond reduction, our clients see first hand the depth of our expertise, as well as our tenacious approach to defending people’s rights, and in turn virtually always retain our firm to represent them as their case moves forward.