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Your child deserves another chance.

The Zukerman Law Firm believes no teenager’s future deserves to be permanently tarnished due to a mistake—even a very big mistake. Whether your child is guilty of a crime or was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, without the help of highly skilled and dedicated legal representation, he or she could acquire a lifelong criminal record.

Although your child is under 21, depending on the nature of the offense, a juvenile crime can still carry costly fines, harsh penalties and jail or even prison time. In serious felony charges, there may be efforts to move the case to adult court, which is very jeopardous for the young person, and every effort must be made to have the case tried in juvenile court.

Many of the rules and procedures in Juvenile Court differ from adult court. The Juvenile Court usually thinks in terms of rehabilitation in an effort to prevent juveniles from re-offending. If a matter cannot be resolved and should proceed to trial, a judge, not a jury, decides the case. Don’t panic. The more level-headed you can remain, the smarter your decisions will be, and the better you’ll serve your child amidst what is probably the most traumatic time of their young life. Just as importantly, don’t let your anger fuel a desire to let the justice system teach your child “a lesson”. They may need discipline, but this entire experience is frightening enough.

You need a Zukerman attorney to build a strong, thoroughly researched case, and to work with judges and prosecutors to reduce the charges, as we fight for a chance to get your child’s life back on track.