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Sometimes early release is also a form of justice.

Many inmates can become eligible for judicial release after serving only a portion of their prison sentence. Under Ohio law, a petition can be made for early release of a prisoner, or for persons sentenced for certain crimes under non-mandatory guidelines.

While strict deadlines must be followed when petitioning the court for judicial release, a crucial factor in the decision is the ability of the prisoner’s legal representative to help judges or juries get beyond the crime and see this person as a fellow human being.

At Zukerman, we come from an understanding that people engage in regrettable or harmful actions in part due to the circumstances and forces that have played upon their childhoods and lives, and as they say, there but for the grace of God go any of us.

But to make a powerful, believable argument on your behalf, which may include documents and letters of support, takes ample time and preparation in order to construct a favorable and even admirable character portrait of you.

Keep in mind that the timing for eligibility varies depending upon the level of the felony offense and the duration of the sentence imposed. To see if you, a friend, or family member could be eligible for judicial release, call Zukerman for a free consultation.