Zukerman Daiker & Lear Co. LPA

Tough times call for tough lawyers.

In the current economy, many good people have made some very bad decisions. Financial crimes such as forgery, credit card and check fraud, falsifying financial statements and embezzlement have become increasingly common.

The attorneys of Zukerman have had notable success at preventing charges from being filed against businesses or individuals facing white-collar indictments. Our defense experience spans the financial crime spectrum, from antitrust crimes to computer crimes, from accounting fraud to environmental crimes.

These cases can involve investigators from various County Prosecutors' Offices, the State Attorney General’s Office, the FBI, Secret Service, Treasury Department, IRS or SEC -- entities which often perform elaborate investigations before deciding whether to charge a person with a crime.

That’s why you should lose no time in retaining an attorney—it can increase the chances of a less severe charge being made against you, and perhaps even prevent charges from being filed at all. Most importantly, you need an attorney that can anticipate how the prosecution is likely to bring their case against you, someone very familiar with about charges, plea bargains, and sentencing.

Your reputation, your way of life, and perhaps the life of your company are at stake. Get Zukerman on your side and let’s fight to keep your good name.