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Relationships are complex.

So is your domestic violence case.

A charge of domestic violence occurs when an individual causes or attempts to cause physical harm against family or a household member. A conviction can lead to imprisonment, a restraining order prohibiting you from seeing your children or being in your home, and a loss of livelihood.

Through the years, the attorneys at Zukerman have dealt with the entire spectrum of domestic violence, from people who were innocent outright, to those whose actions were justified. Indeed, to build the strongest possible case, complex circumstances and questions need to be considered, and tireless investigative work must be done.

It should also be noted that in many cases, over-zealous prosecutors are more interested in charging the most serious offense possible rather than taking into account what really occurred.

You need a Zukerman attorney with a tenacious will to win, well-versed in the domestic violence legal process, and who knows how to conduct a thorough background research into your case.

Just as importantly, your Zukerman attorney will treat you like a human being, a person who deserves a fighting chance to clear your name, and who is able to help prevent presumptions and even gender stereotypes from obscuring the facts.

As with any recent or pending charge, it behooves you to waste no time. Contact Zukerman soon and let’s start building your defense.