Zukerman Daiker & Lear Co. LPA

A charge that can lead to a rush to judgment. Let’s fight to clear your good name.

The public understandably reacts with repugnancy at accusations of sex offenses involving children, creating a frenzied atmosphere in which it is easy to forget that the United States Constitution guarantees you a right to a fair trial, and clearly establishes that you are totally innocent until proven guilty.

Your Zukerman team of attorneys will painstakingly analyze all the complex facts and issues that are inherent in any Computer Sex Crimes case, and design a defense strategy that lays out the many explanations for the existence of digital contraband, such as viruses, hacking, human error, unknown computer users and other plausible factors.

Whenever appropriate we will call upon professional resources such as private investigators, psychiatrists, computer forensic experts and other consultants.

Leaving nothing to chance, Zukerman attorneys will take every step necessary to protect your rights throughout the case. If warranted, we can also arrange professional evaluation, including confidential medical and/or psychiatric assistance, so that if a resolution was reached that required you to appear in court, evidence of treatment could help reduce the severity of the charges.

Computer Sex Crime charges may include:

  • Possession, Distribution or Production of Child Pornography
  • Receipt of Child Pornography
  • On-line Solicitation & Importuning
  • Obscenity & Obscene Material
  • On-line Adult Entertainment
  • Disseminating Matter Harmful to Minors
  • Violations of Sexual Registration Requirements
  • Criminal & Civil Forfeitures