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Charged with DUS? Put Zukerman behind the wheel.

If your license has been suspended, and an officer runs a check on your plates, he or she can stop you without probable cause, and you can be cited for Driving Under Suspension (DUS). This charge carries a maximum penalty of up to a $1,000 fine and six months in jail. If it was a DUI / OVI suspension, you face a mandatory three days in jail, minimum $250 fine, a one-year license suspension, and 30-day immobilization of the vehicle.

But the burden is on the state to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you were in fact driving, that your license was suspended at the time you were driving, and that you were aware that your license was suspended.

The Zukerman firm knows that restrictions on your ability to drive disrupts every aspect of your life. We have a great deal of experience dealing with the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles in DUS suspension cases, and will do everything in our power – which is plenty, mind you -- to fight DUS charges and help you obtain a new license.