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The world’s finest justice system is far from perfect.

It’s important to realize that the “final” judgment of a trial is often not the final determination of the matter. Judges can be wrong, prosecutors can make errors or engage in misconduct, sometimes key evidence is excluded, or conversely, evidence is used that should not have been permitted. Or perhaps you employed a previous defense attorney whose mistakes deprived you of effective counsel. These wrongful convictions cause many innocent people to suffer needlessly.

That is why there is an appellate court, or appeals court criminal appeal is the process by which a higher court determines whether the lower court erred in its application and interpretation of the law.

Zukerman attorneys have handled appeals at municipal, state, and federal levels. Our lawyers will review the potential opportunities to appeal the court or jury decision, and pursue a strategy that can lead to your judgment being modified, reversed, remanded or overturned by the appellate courts.

Since there are strict time limits (statutes of limitation) during which appeals can be made, it is important to start this process as early as possible. Call Zukerman now and let us thoroughly evaluate your case. We’ll go to every length necessary to ensure your side of the story is told in the way most likely to result in the best possible outcome.