Zukerman Daiker & Lear Co. LPA


If you’ve been accused of a crime, we have an idea of what you’re going through. Your relationships, your job, your future, all look precarious. A menacing shadow has been cast upon your days.

You need a firm that passionately believes in the constitutional protection afforded all individuals accused of a crime. A proven, respected, team that understands that distinguishing your case from others requires diligent scrutiny of all the facts and documentation, thorough legwork, and calling upon an impressive support network of investigators.

From the day our firm opened in 1993, we began building a reputation for a relentless pursuit of justice -- a dogged determination to never give in, to always believe there is a smarter, more creative way to try a case. In fact, we’re the people who get called onto cases that are too contentious for other attorneys.

Further, many of our greatest victories are behind the scenes -- it is not uncommon for Zukerman attorneys to be able to convince the police or prosecutor that they can’t even charge one of our clients in the first place.

Because we have many success stories across the spectrum of law, we resist labeling ourselves as specializing in, say, Criminal Defense, or any other particular area. We do however have particularly deep experience in the practice of Domestic Relations, Professional Defense and Personal Injury Defense.

Ultimately, you want to work with professionals who will never undersell you, who will lose sleep over your case, who will leave no molecule unturned in the pursuit of your freedom. You want Zukerman.